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United States

Military Organization > ​​United States

Modern  •  Cold War  •  WWII  •  WWI  •  19th Century


      Modern      ​​

   Army Armored BCT   

Combined Arms Battalion

Field Artillery Battalion

   Army Infantry BCT   

Infantry Battalion

       Army Rangers       

Ranger Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment

    Army Stryker BCT    

Stryker Infantry Battalion

      Marine Division      

Infantry Battalion of the Marine Regiment

    Cold War    ​

Cold War

   Army Infantry Division   

Infantry Battalion of the Infantry Brigade

Infantry Regiment

   Army Air Assault Division   

Airmobile Infantry Battalion

     Army Special Forces     

Special Forces Battalion of the Special Forces Group

     Army Rangers/LRRP     

Airborne Infantry Ranger Company of the Corps/Field Force

 World War II​​​​ 


   Army Armored Division   

Armored Infantry Battalion

Mechanized Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron

Tank Battalion

    Army Infantry Division    

Infantry Regiment

   Army Airborne Division   

Parachute Infantry Regiment

Pathfinder Company (Provisional)

           Army Rangers           

Ranger Battalion

          Marine Division          

Marine Regiment

Parachute Battalion

          Marine Raiders          

Raider Battalion (2nd Raiders)


   Army Infantry Division   

Infantry Battalion (AEF) of the Infantry Regiment

        Army Air Service        

Monoplace Pursuit Group of the Monoplace Pursuit Wing

        Marine Regiment        

Infantry Battalion (AEF)


   Army Regular Division   

Regular Brigade

  World War I ​ 

 19th Century 

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