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We are an educational platform and YouTube channel that covers military history and science. Our goal is to make the complex easy to understand through high quality multimedia content. We endeavour to create a community of thinkers who can view sensationalized topics through an academic lens. We provide value far and wide, from wargamers looking to make their play more immersive to warfighters who need to know how their allies and rivals fight. 

 How to Support Us 

If you are interested in supporting Battle Order so we can make interesting content regardless of the preferences of advertises, Join the Brigade on Patreon! In addition to helping Battle Order run, you'll gain access to a bunch of perks including early access to videos, exclusive access to scripts, credits in every video, wallpapers, financial reports, and more! Our goal is for Patreon funding to overtake YouTube advertising dollars as our chief source of revenue.


Battle Order is open to working with brands that fit our audience and have a great product or service. For details on what we offer in terms of sponsor deals and pricing, refer to our Media Kit.


Battle Order makes an effort to give to excellent charitable causes. Check out our Philanthropy page for a full list of the causes Battle Order has made contributions to.

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