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Battle Order is a YouTube channel that covers topics relating to military organization and unit purpose, and to a lesser degree tactics. It accomplishes this via well-produced graphics, videos, and animations. We have a truly global audience, and I frequently have conversations with servicemembers from the US, UK and Canada to Vietnam, South Korea, and Israel.

The whole project is really guided by whatever piques my curiosity that given week. It started when I became interested in squad- and platoon-level organization, and making a graphic helped me learn more (plus I found having a collection of graphics satisfying). It has since covered the whole breadth of military organization. Because it is mainly curiosity-driven, this leads me to cover topics and countries where info is hard to find.

I consider myself more of a designer who is able to make a topic as complex as military organization a little more digestible, rather than a military "expert" or academic. Often the experts have forgotten what it's like not to know things (no danger of knowing too much here). And I think my approach to Battle Order is helpful for people who find absorbing through text alone hard. I've received testimonials of Battle Order graphics and videos being used to train or brief anyone from junior enlisted to student officers at their BOLC and general officers.


 How to Support Me 

If you are interested in supporting Battle Order so I can make interesting content regardless of the preferences of advertisers, Join the Brigade on Patreon! In addition to helping Battle Order run, you'll gain access to a bunch of perks including early access to videos, exclusive access to scripts, credits in every video, and access to our Discord server! My goal is for Patreon funding to overtake YouTube advertising dollars as our chief source of revenue.

Alternatively, if you'd like a poster or t-shirt (they're unironically my favorite shirts; very soft) you can pick one up at our store. Some of them are charity shirts with profits going to a good cause!




Battle Order is open to working with brands that fit my audience and have a great product or service. For details on what we offer in terms of sponsor deals and pricing, contact me at

Battle Order makes an effort to give to excellent charitable causes. Check out our Philanthropy page for a full list of the causes Battle Order has made contributions to.

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