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This page is dedicated to cataloging primary and secondary source documents—such as military manuals, TO&Es, and acacemic articles—throughout military history as well as other good websites in this niche.

Time Periods

Other Websites

  • Dr. Leo Niehorster's Website — Resource with WWII-era ORBATs, TO&Es, and other cool stuff with basic visualizations.

  • Bayonet Strength — A project by Gary Kennedy to show and explain infantry battalion organizations during WWII. As of time of writing they have large pdfs featuring US, UK, USSR, and German organizations.

  • WWII Day by Day — A German-language website by Christoph Widmann-Awender with detailed visualizations of WWII German TO&Es (KStNs). If you are looking for TO&Es, the appropriate page is "Kriegsstärkenachweise".

  • Sturmpanzer — A website with, among other things, a plethora of original photocopied WWII-era German TO&Es

  • Panzerbaer — A German-language website by Andreas Richter that shows simplified TO&Es including the vehicles of various units

  • Panzerworld — A website with some broad WWII-era German TO&Es

  • Military Research Service — A website with various digitized and photocopied TO&Es (mainly from the US), a good portion of which are free (but some need to be purchased).

  • War Establishments — A good resource for digitized TO&Es from the Commonwealth and United States.

  • RKKA — A Russian-language website with some digitized/spreadsheet-form WWII-era Soviet TO&Es

  • — Some WWII US Army Airborne TO&Es

  • The Vickers Machine Gun — Great resource on British military manuals

  • Nafziger Collection (World War I) — A collation of many WWI-era TO&Es and ORBATs

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