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Cold War Soviet Order of Battle Graphics

Updated: Apr 8

Graphics > Soviet Orders of Battle > Cold War Soviet Army (1946-1991)

This is a gallery of organizational graphics for the Soviet Union during the Cold War. These order of battle graphics cover larger units, typically above the battalion-level.

Airborne & Air Assault

Includes units of the Airborne Forces (VDV) and the Ground Forces own airborne and air assault units.

56th Guards Separate Air Assault Brigade (1987)

A parachute and air assault infantry brigade under the Ground Forces, part of the 2nd wave organizations, modified for service under the 40th Army during the Soviet-Afghan War. (Click to enlarge)

Separate Air Assault Battalion (1986)

Ground Forces airborne and air assault battalions subordinate to Tank and Combined Arms Armies. (Click to enlarge)

Separate Air Assault Brigade, 2nd Wave (1986)

Ground Forces airborne and air assault battalions subordinate to Fronts, Soviet Forces in Germany, and Strategic Directions (from 1986). (Click to enlarge)

Naval Infantry

Includes units of the Naval Infantry or other units dedicated to amphibious operations.

Separate Naval Infantry Brigade (1990)

Units of the Soviet Navy subordinate to the Baltic, Black Sea and Northern Fleets. A modified version is featured in On Contested Shores: The Evolving Role of Amphibious Operations in the History of Warfare, vol. 2, Chapter Three, page 54. (Click to enlarge)

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