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2000-10s US Army Force Structure Reference Data

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I've re-uploaded all of the MCoE 3-90 Force Structure Reference Data supplementals and the FKSM 71-8 Armor/Cavalry Reference Data they succeeded that I've found on the internet over time. They are available elsewhere on the internet, but they're kind of spread out and not well organized.

These are essentially base Objective Tables of Organization, and thus were more of the goal organization for that year or the year after. They show major pieces of equipment (like vehicles, weapons) and the authorized billets for all organic subunits. In some cases though most of a brigade's functional units would be attached and not organic (like a Sustainment Brigade) and these won't show those units.

These weren't the TOEs actually employed by real units (the Modified TOEs or MTOE). For that reason you'll see some discrepancies between these supplementals and real life, such as the inclusion of the XM25 CDTE.

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Battle Order
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Hey thanks man!

Me gusta

I'm going to enjoy going through all of this.

Me gusta
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