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Russian Airborne Force Structure (and Its Flaws)

New video on the force structure of Russia's Airborne Forces (VDV) from the squad to division levels, notes on the overall purpose of its two main types of troops (airborne and air assault), and some brief opinions on the force structure's limitations.

Here are some associated VDV company and squad graphics (more can be found on our Graphics page). They include the VDV Air Assault Company, Self-Propelled Artillery Battery (Nona-S), Anti-Aircraft Missile Battery (BTR-ZD), and a variation of the VDV Rifle Squad:

Additional Reading:

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Head Banger
Head Banger
Nov 14, 2022

Hello, I take the time to say thank you and your team for the great work about the different battle orders. I know that you posted icons for the different naval vessel types, but sadyl I can find. them no where. Can you tell me where I can find them, also the fantastic looking icons for the spaceships. With best regards

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