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Graphics: British Armoured Infantry & Mechanised Battalions (Late 80s)

Updated: Apr 8

Here are two new graphics of British Armoured Infantry and Mechanised (Tracked) Battalions in the mid- and late-1980s. The former were mounted in the FV510 Warrior infantry fighting vehicle and the latter were mounted in the FV432 armored personnel carrier. They were the infantry component of Armoured Brigades. The graphics include a tabulation of officers, other ranks and vehicles in each subunit, attachments for the 1985 Mechanised, and key weapons for the 1988 Armoured Infantry.

These are based on the 1985 and 1988 editions of the Staff Officers Handbook (SOHB). My understanding is these are general planning aids, so the information should be taken as the aspirational and generic, and possibly not reflective of what a specific unit might have in the field. However, based on what others have written like Cold War Gamer and Jemima Fawr, it seems fairly close.

Armoured Infantry Battalion (1988)


Mechanised Battalion (1985)

On these graphics I tried out some new things, including having the vehicle silhouettes for armored and recovery vehicles (not soft skinned and logistics vehicles, although those are listed in the table) and visualizing the rank that commanded each subunit. Let me know what you think

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