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Post-Cold War French Order of Battle Graphics

Updated: Apr 8

Graphics > French Orders of Battle > Post-Cold War French (1991-)

This is a gallery of organizational graphics for France after the Cold War. These order of battle graphics cover larger units, typically battalion-level and above. For infantry squad graphics check out our gallery on that.

Task Forces

Serval Brigade (Feb-May 2013)

The greatest extent of France's emergency task force deployed to Mali during Operation Serval. Research (particularly SGTIA-level designations) aided by a Patron who deployed on Op Serval. (Click to enlarge)


Artillery Regiment, 155mm CAESAR/120mm Mortar (2017)

The Régiment canon CAESAR is one type of artillery regiment (battalion-equivalent) in the French Army that typically generates 2 to 8-gun "modules" to support battalion task forces (GTIA) or support combined arms brigades as part of an artillery battle group (GTA). Graphic also available in French. (Click to enlarge)

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