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Republic of China Order of Battle Graphics

Updated: Apr 8

Graphics > Republic of China Orders of Battle

This is a gallery of organizational graphics for the Republic of China. These order of battle graphics cover larger units, typically above the battalion-level.

World War II

1st Provisional Tank Group

The NRA's US-sponsored tank unit that fought in the China-Burma-India Theater of Operations (CBI). At its peak the group technically had 7 tank battalions (1st-7th) and Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Companies (1st-2nd), in addition to augmentation from the American 527th Ordnance Company (Heavy Maintenance) (Tank). However, according to Ness, on 8 January 1945 the 4th-6th Light Tank Battalions and 2nd Heavy Ordnance Maintenance Company were reorganized as transport units, and the 7th Light Tank Battalion remained a training unit at Ramgarh.

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