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Swedish Mechanized Rifle Platoon [CORRECTED]

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

We have made several corrections and clarifications to our article on the Swedish Army Mechanized Rifle Platoon based on additional feedback from an infantryman in the Mechanized Infantry (former enlisted infantryman, current student officer who has led Mechanized Infantry Platoons as a training arrangement). Our original article was initially based off of advice from Swedish servicemembers who were attached to mechanized units for some time so there were some missing details.


  • The first version stated there were 3 spare vehicle commanders. There are actually only 2, with an additional dedicated Dismount Commander (Sergeant) who commands the platoon when neither the Platoon Commander nor Deputy Platoon Commander dismount

  • The first version stated the Deputy Group Commander was armed with an Ak 4D DMR. They are actually armed with an Ak 5C rifle and M203 grenade launcher. The last rifleman has the option of being armed with the Ak 4D. If the mission dictates they may be armed with an Ak 5C instead (or if the group doesn't have an Ak 4D as it is new).

  • The first version stated that each platoon only had 1 Combat Life Saver. In reality, each Group has a Combat Life Saver (the last rifleman that may also act as a DMR or assistant machine gunner). If they are a professional soldier they will typically be a Vicekorpral (OR-3), but a Menig (OR-1/2) if a conscript.


  • The Groups are lettered E, F or G, with them also getting their Platoon letter suffix (A to D). So Group FB would be Group F of Platoon B.

  • The Swedish use both the Ksp 58B and Ksp 58F (FN MAG), with the F just being a B with extra rail attachments.

  • The Mechanized Infantry work very closely with Tank Companies on a regular basis. There is thus very little time for dismount operations. This could explain why the platoon typically has 3 vehicles rather than 4. Three or 5 vehicle platoons are optimal for armored warfare and overwatch-bounding fire tactics (it maximizes firepower in as few moves as possible). Four vehicle platoons are more optimized for supporting infantry as they can be split evenly.

  • Either the Platoon Commander or Deputy Platoon Commander dismount, never both. Typically it is the Platoon Commander that dismounts if they do.

  • The combat vehicles usually carry 3-5 tank mines each.

Additionally, we have created separate sections for the organization and seating arrangements.

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