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New Order of Battle Chart Page

We've created a new page dedicated to cataloging Order of Battle graphics. So far, we've done several on Japanese units from the modern day and World War II. These show the specific subunits and hierarchies that were part of specific units at a given time, contrasting with our normal content which focuses on Tables of Organization and Equipment. The following at the graphics we've already published:

  1. Modern Japanese 7th Division (Armored), 2021

  2. Modern Japanese 2nd Division (Mechanized), 2021

  3. WW2 Japanese 4th Tank Division, August 1945

  4. WW2 Japanese 1st Tank Division, August 1945

  5. WW2 Japanese 1st Airborne Brigade, August 1943-November 1944

  6. WW2 Japanese 1st Airborne Brigade, November 1941-July 1942

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