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Graphic: Soviet Motor Rifle Battalion (July 1945)

Updated: Apr 8

Here is a new graphic of the Soviet Motor Rifle Battalion (Мотострелковый батальон) corresponding to a reorganization of mechanized and tank forces in the Red Army shortly after victory in Europe. This is based on Shtat No. 10/593 (July 1945) posted on (archived). It corresponds to when the Red Army's Mechanized and Tank Corps (more or less division-sized, composed mainly of brigades) were converted into new Mechanized (мехд) and Tank Divisions (тд) (composed of regiments) in June 1945.

Motor Rifle Battalions were the main infantry component, in this case subordinate to Mechanized Regiments (Механизированного полка). What made them "mechanized" was a regimental Tank Battalion (35 tanks); pure infantry formations were just called "Motor Rifle". The battalions were motorized infantry lifted by regimental 2.5-ton trucks (much like the wartime equivalent was lifted by brigade trucks). The battalion was about 66% the size of its wartime equivalent, with smaller Rifle and Machine Gun Companies, no Anti-Tank Rifle Company and no Submachine Gun Platoon. However, the strength of its Anti-Tank Artillery Battery (45mm) and Mortar Company (82mm) were largely unchanged.

For the wartime equivalent, Motor Rifle Battalions under Motor Rifle / Mechanized Brigades, you can find English-language digitzations on Bayonet Strength.

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