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Original South Vietnam Airborne Division TO&Es

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Archive > Cold War > South Vietnam Airborne Division TO&Es (1967-68)

I've uploaded almost all of South Vietnamese Army (ARVN) Airborne Division tables of organization and equipment (bảng cấp số) dated from 1967 and 1968. The only one I am missing, as far as I know, is the divisional support battalion.

ARVN Airborne TOEs
Download ZIP • 56.44MB

The specific TO&Es included are:

  • 54-301B - HQ and HQ Company, Airborne Division (1968)

  • 54-502A - Airborne Brigade/Task Force Headquarters, Airborne Division (1968)

  • 54-712A - Engineer Company, Airborne Division (1968)

  • 54-722 - Signal Company, Airborne Division (1968)

  • 54-618 - Medical Battalion, Airborne Division (1968)

  • 4-770A - Reconnaissance Company, Airborne Division/Infantry Division/5th Ranger Group

  • 54-604A - Artillery Battalion (105mm), Airborne Division (1968)

  • 54-605B - Battalion HQ and HQ and Service Battery, Artillery Battalion (105mm), Airborne Division (1968)

  • 54-706C - Howitzer Battery (105mm), Artillery Battalion (105mm), Airborne Division (1968)

  • 54-611 - Airborne Infantry Battalion (1967)

  • 54-613 - Battalion HQ and HQ and Support Company, Airborne Infantry Battalion (1967)

  • 54-714 - Airborne Rifle Company, Airborne Infantry Battalion (1967)

A lot of other ARVN/CIDG tables of organization are available on the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center archive (which is where I got them), but they aren't well labelled and the file sizes are huge. I've reduced their file sizes and labelled the individual PDFs accordingly.

To give some brief context, the organization of the ARVN Airborne Division by 1967, according to Gordon L. Rottman's "Vietnam Airborne", was:

  • Division HHC

  • 1st Abn. TF/Bde. HHC

    • 1st Abn. Bn.

    • 8th Abn. Bn.

    • 9th Abn. Bn.

    • 1st Abn. Arty. Bn.

  • 2nd Abn. TF/Bde. HHC

    • 5th Abn. Bn.

    • 7th Abn. Bn.

    • 11th Abn. Bn.

    • 2nd Abn. Arty. Bn.

  • 3rd Abn. TF/Bde. HHC

    • 2nd Abn. Bn.

    • 3rd Abn. Bn.

    • 6th Abn. Bn.

    • 3rd Abn. Arty. Bn.

  • Division Troops

    • Abn. Signal Bn.

    • Abn. Support Bn.

    • Abn. Medical Bn.

    • Abn. Recon. Co. (later a Bn.)

    • Abn. Engr. Co.

Also check out my gallery of unit organization graphics that visualize some of these tables:

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