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British Section Graphics



Army Infantry Section (~2020)

Army Rifle Section (2018)

Army Rifle Section (2004-2009)

Army Rifle Section (Alt) (1985-2004)

Army Rifle Section (1985-2004)

Royal Marine Rifle Section (Falklands War)

Army Infantry Section (1975~1985)

World War II​​

UK Infantry Section 1944-01

Army Infantry Sect. (43-50)

UK Paras 1944-01

Army Parachute Sect. (Feb 44-May 45)

UK Royal Marines 1944-01

Royal Marine Sub-Sect. (44)

Home Guard Squad (42-Dec 44)

World War I & Interwar


alternate history

EM-2 Rifle Section

EM-2 Rifle Section

This alt history graphic shows what the British Army Infantry Section might have looked like in the 1950s had the Rifle No 9 Mk 1 (EM-2) continued in service. This takes into account organizational changes made with the adoption of the real-world L1A1 SLR. We assume that the TADEN gun, Britain's attempt to create a GPMG, would still not have been serviceable in the early 1950s, and that they would have turned to rechambering Brens in the new .280 cartridge like they did in real life.

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