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British Army 1960 Manual "The Infantry Platoon in Battle (Provisional)"

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Archive > Cold War > 1960 British Army "The Infantry Platoon in Battle (Provisional)"

1960 - The Infantry Platoon in Battle - British Army
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The British Army manual Infantry Training - Volume IV - Tactics - The Infantry Platoon in Battle from 1960. This corresponded to War Establishment for the

British Army Infantry Battalion, II/804/6 (P) and was the first general infantry platoon manual since the Korean War.

This manual superseded Infantry Training Volume IV—Tactics Infantry Section Leading and Platoon Tactics (1950) and Military Training Pamphlet No. 16, Fighting in built up Areas (1943). Aside from incremental changes, particularly with new weaponry like the L1A1 SLR, the 1960 provisional manual notably includes sections on operating in nuclear conditions.

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