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How France Destroyed 60 Panzers in 1 Day (Battle of Dompaire)

New video on the Battle of Dompaire, where Groupement tactique Langlade (brigade-equivalent) of the French 2nd Armored Division destroyed a brand new German Panzer Brigade equipped with Panthers. This was regarded at the time as the fastest destruction of a Panzer unit on the Western Front, with one Panther battalion wiped out and another Panzer IV battalion cut in half. The video includes the order of battle of the two forces and a full battle map animation chronicling the event.

The following are two detailed order of battle charts, depicting the exact composition of Groupement tactique Langlade at the time of the battle as well as the French 2nd Armored Division later in the year. The French Armored Division was formed on the basis of a U.S. Army "light" Armored Division in 1943, with the tactical groups being equivalent to American Combat Commands:

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