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South Vietnamese Army Order of Battle Graphics

Updated: Apr 8

Graphics > South Vietnamese Orders of Battle

This is a gallery of organizational graphics for Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam). These order of battle graphics cover larger units, typically above the battalion-level. For squad to company-level graphics see that gallery. This does not cover periods where Vietnam was part of another state, or organizations where indigenous Vietnamese troops are subordinate to a foreign military (like the French).

Armored Cavalry Squadron (M113/M41)

ARVN's primary armor unit, using M113 ACAVs and smaller numbers of M41A3 Walker Bulldog light tanks (M48A3 Pattons as well from 1971). The following is the variant employed by I Corps, II Corps and III Corps, which included a Tank Troop. IV Corps employed a variant with a third ACAT in lieu of a Tank Troop. The graphic is also available in ARVN-use Vietnamese. (Click to enlarge)

Đồ họa thông tin bằng tiếng Việt

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