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Soviet Airborne Company, Motorized (1980-1991) 

By Brendan Matsuyama, Editor

The following is the organization of the BMD-equipped Soviet Airborne Company (Парашютно-десантные ротa) from 1980 to 1991. This information pertains specifically to airborne VDV companies, that deviated slightly from footmobile parachute infantry and motorized air assault companies which had slightly different organizations more supporting elements at the company-level. This would have been effective during the Soviet-Afghan War and the fall of the Soviet Union. 


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  • Type: Airborne Mechanized Infantry Company

  • Origin: Soviet Airborne Landing Troops (Soviet Union)

  • Time Frame: 1980-1991

  • Personnel: 6 Officers and 82 Enlisted

  • Vehicles: 9 BMDs, 1 BMD-1/2K, 1 BTR-D, 1 Gaz-66 truck

(BMD-1P until 1987, BMD-2 after 1987)

Company Command & Headquarters (Отделение управления роты) (3 Officers, 10 Enlisted, 1 BMD-K, 1 BTR-D, 1 Gaz 66 truck)

​→ Company Command (Управление роты)

→ Company Command Troop (Отделение управления)

[A] Not included in peacetime organization.

[BSenior Praporshchik rank not instituted until 1986.

3× Airborne Rifle Platoons (Парашютно-десантные взвод) (1 Officer, 24 Enlisted, and 3 BMDs each)

BMD (1)

BMD (2)

BMD (3)


Platoon-Level Diagram(s)





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