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Russian/Soviet Rifle Squads (1935-2019)

Here we have all of our graphics on the standard infantry Russian and Soviet Rifle Squad organization and equipment. Following World War II, the Soviet Union's primary infantry were the Motorized Rifles of the Ground Forces. Only the dismounts are included. There were typically an additional mechanic-driver and vehicle gunner that were attached to squads from the battalion level. The types of vehicle are listed.

* Note: The TO&E effective from April 1941 to December 1941 stipulated all riflemen in the squad were to be armed with semi-automatic rifles. This was certainly not the reality at the time, with most if not all riflemen in the average Soviet rifle squad being armed with an M1891/30 bolt-action rifle at the time. It is assumed the senior rifleman and squad leader would get priority if semi-automatic rifles were available.

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