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Worldbuilding: Aircraft Illustrations

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Worldbuilding > Aircraft Illustrations

This is part of a series of galleries with art I've made for a worldbuilding project. This gallery is dedicated to aircraft.

Trident SA.6D (Naval Bomber)

Tiperyner Realm Armada. In service 1987-present.

The Tritand SA.6, or Trident SA.6, is a four-seat multi-role maritime interdictor, interceptor, electronic attack, and supersonic bomber designed for the Tiperyn Realm Armada. It was introduced in 1987 to replace several types of aircraft in carrier air wings. The impetus for its development was a requirement for a substantial nuclear bombing capability aboard Tiperyner carriers, but due to its size and speed, it was also pressed into the interceptor and electronic attack roles with mid-life upgrades. Pictured is the modernized strike/electronic attack variant of the Trident, the SA.6. It features a robust electronic warfare suite and a four-seat cockpit with side-by-side seating. The modernized two-seater interceptor variant, the SA.6E, was not adopted by the Realm Armada due to the introduction of the Gryphon A.22, but was adopted by the land-based Realm Aero Service and Kayan Air Forces.

Trident SA.6E (Interceptor)

Tiperyner Realm Aero Service. In service 1991-present.

The Tritand SA.6E, or Trident SA.6E, is a two-seat interceptor and strike aircraft. While originally designed for the Realm Armada, the platform’s speed, payload, and expandability caught the attention of the Realm Aero Service. In 1991, Tiperyn’s land-based air force adopted the SA.6B, which was later modernized into the SA.6E standard (shown here). The SA.6E is the dedicated interceptor variant of the Trident. It does not feature the extensive electronic warfare suite of the SA.6D or crew stations for electronic warfare and weapons officers, but it is equipped with a more capable air interception radar and improved endurance for area defense patrols. The SA.6E retains many of the strike capabilities of the SA.6D, with compatibility with most air-to-ground missiles and bombs in service with the Realm Aero Service. However, unlike the SA.6D, the SA.6E is not intended to deliver nuclear weapons. The Kayan Air Forces also fields the SA.6E.

Shrike AA.4A (Attack Aircraft)

Tiperyner Realm Armada. In service 1957-1989.

The Skryz AA.4, or Shrike AA.4, was a single-seat, twin-engine sub-sonic, carrier-capable light attack aircraft employed by the Tiperyn Realm Armada from 1957 to 1989. This exemplar was the aircraft of Counter Admiral Abram Nijholt, commander of Attack Pursuit Group 4 from 1958 to 1962. This tricolor was typical of aircraft operating from aircraft carriers at the time. A pegasus marked the tails of aircraft operating from the TNV Standvlukt during the Great Kesh War.

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