Graphic: South African Infantry Section

Here we have the organization of the current South African Army Infantry Section based on this article and this forum thread. It consists of 10 men under the overall command of a Section Leader (Corporal). The section is further subdivided into the Rifle Group and Machine Gun Group. The Rifle Group is led by the Section Leader and additionally consists of 6 Riflemen (Privates). The Machine Gun Group is led by the Section Second-in-Command (Lance Corporal) and further consists of a Machine Gun No. 1 armed with an SS-77 machine gun in 7.62x51mm NATO or a Mini-SS in 5.56x45mm NATO, and a Machine Gun No. 2. All personnel except for the Machine Gun No. 1 are armed with Vektor R4 assault rifles.

This layout is essentially the old school British/Commonwealth system, except replace the L1A1 SLR and L7A1 (or the Lee-Enfield and Bren gun for that matter) with the Vektor R4 and Vektor SS-77.

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