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New Resources Page: 36 Manuals and 1 Paper

Battle Order now has a Resources page that will include direct links to primary and secondary sources. These will eventually include a plethora of military manuals, TO&Es, and academic papers (some of which aren't available online at all or are hard to access for an English-only speaker). These will always be free to access.

With the inaugural post, 36 military manuals and 1 academic papers were added today. One was from the Cold War period while the remainder were from the Post-Cold War period. Broken down into nationalities:

  • 4 Australian

  • 1 Brazilian

  • 1 El Salvadorian

  • 1 Finnish

  • 10 French

  • 1 Hungarian

  • 4 Dutch

  • 2 Norwegian

  • 1 Russian

  • 2 Swedish

  • 9 American

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