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Graphic: Canadian Mechanized Rifle Section

Here we have the current Canadian Army Mechanized Rifle Section mounted in the LAV 6.0 infantry fighting vehicle.

The mechanized section contains 10 personnel as normal, but is organized differently from light infantry sections. It comes under the overall command of a sergeant Section Commander, who is assisted by a master corporal Crew Commander and Section Second-in-Command.

The dismount element consists of Group 1 and Group 2, with the Section IC and 2IC at the helm of both groups. Each group contains a leader, Machine Gunner (with C9A2/Minimi) and a Grenadier, although Group 1 has an additional Rifleman. In the light infantry, Group 2 would also have a rifleman and there would be no Crew Commander in the mounted group.

The mounted element in the LAV 6.0 consists of the Crew Commander, taking the Vehicle Commander spot, with a Gunner and Driver to round it out.

It should be noted that the C8A3 is sometimes issued to the dismount element in lieu of the C7A2. This likely varies unit-to-unit. Sidearms generally go to the Platoon Commander, Platoon Warrant, and C6 (MAG) gunners elsewhere in the platoon.

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