Socially Responsive Campaign 

This is a draft of a Socially Responsive Advertising Campaign for Battle Order, an education website and Youtube channel focused on military history. This campaign seeks to align the brand with virtues of social responsibility and support its Philanthropic efforts.

Campaign Themes 



Spheres of Sustainability 

AT1 socially responsive map-01.png


  • Mobilizing Audience to Support Charitable Causes Related to Military Issues


  • Main Goals are Effective Education on Niche Topic and Fostering a Non-Toxic Community

  • Low-Key Charitable Contributions to Veterans and LGBTQ Charities


  • Carbon Footprint From Use of Online Services and Merch Fulfillment

  • Material Impact Isn't Huge


  • Uses Pre-Existing Digital Tools (Not a Technological Innovator)


  • Add Altruistic Component to Passive and Active Viewership

  • Separate Interest in Military Topics From the Support and Glorification of Suffering


  • Info Contributes to Professional Proficiency or Pleasure From Hobby in Some Cases


  • Publicly Support a Political Value


  • Monetarily Supports Causes Which Provide Advocacy and Legal Services to Vicims & Marginalized People


  • Potential for Increase in Patreon Support/Core Member Loyalty As Result of Campaign (But Risky)

  • Potential Increase in Word-of-Mouth Traffic. Unlikely to Impact Algorithmic Traffic

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AEffects Map 

Imminent Cultural Shift

​The main "gift" is a moral appeal. An appeal to not glorify or wish for war when there is no clear moral benefit. To move the audience's perception of warfighting from a hypermasculine, pseudo-nostalgic, celebrated activity to something that should principally by learned from.

Alter Perception
​The main commercial benefit of the campaign will be to create associations between the brand, altruism, and moral, mature values regarding war. 

Create Disruption
It is rare for military-oriented channels on Youtube to base much of their identities on philanthropy and anti-war values. This isn't particularly unique outside of the niche, however. By setting the example, hopefully up-and-coming or even well-established military channels could follow the lead.

Invite Participation
By linking revenue made from viewership and Patreon contributions to charitable donations, passive participation in the channel indirectly contributes to charitable causes. The goal here is to make people feel good for watching the content, and not just entertained or informed.


Medium: Video, Animated GIF
Background: This animated ad placement shines a light on the sacrifice and suffering that is associated with warfighting. The use of a military funeral as the setting was intended to make a connection with the audience, as many served in the military or are sympathetic to the struggles faced by servicemembers in particular. This essentially acts as the gateway to more confrontational anti-war media.

The animated format was chosen due to better engagement of animated GIFs or video on the Youtube Community portal and Instagram.

Medium: Video, Animated GIF
Background: This ad had an identical rationale to the previous, except with a focus on Australian Defence Force personnel specifically.

Medium: Static Image
Background: This manipulated photo of wounded U.S. soldiers being evacuated during Operation Desert Storm in 1991 is intended to be confronting. It is a wholesale rebuke against the glorification of war. Ultimately, war is politicized suffering en masse, and while sometimes necessary to prevent future suffering is not something to be celebrated. This graphic partially makes use of a VCR-esque text and static effect commonly military content creators who take after vaporwave and fashwave aesthetics. This type of content is notable for its glorification of war. Thus, the use of the artifacts in tandem with an anti-war quote is almost a form of culture jamming. 

Ad File 4-01.png

Medium: Static Image
Background: Like the previous example, this static ad plays with the same aesthetic protest concept projecting an anti-war message. This time, it uses a wounded South Vietnamese soldier during the early stages of the Vietnam War as its focus. The main way in which this one differs from the previous is in the message. While similarly anti-war, this graphic also attempts to reconcile interest in war (as someone who writes about it) with the acknowledgement that it is bad. That acknowledgement is something that many military enthusiasts have not given or do not believe in.


Medium: Video, Animated GIF
Background: Whereas the Anti-Glorification ads are intended to reject toxic elements of the military enthusiast community, the Philanthropy ads are meant to promote the empathetic elements. As part of the campaign, Battle Order will be making public its charitable contributions, with a focus charity every month. The specific charity will receive 5% of our video ad revenue/Patreon pledges and 20% of sponsorship payments. Battle Order had been making charitable contributions before the initiative, but did not make them public and thus did not integrate the act into its brand identity.

In addition to being the right thing to do, the goal is for viewership directly resulting in charitable contributions to make viewers feel good for having watched. Although the content itself can be responsible for making a viewer feel educated or entertained, it is hard to make one feel fulfilled or proud for passive participation. The commercial benefit of this is an increased likelihood of continued passive participation, which directly results in increases in revenue. This also results in an increased charitable contribution, thus enabling the brand to reinforce its philanthropic activities.

This specific ad will be running in October. It is focused on the issue of sexual assault in the military, which has unique challenges when compared to the same issue in the civilian world. For that month, a charitable contribution will be made to the charity Protect Our Defenders.